The Cheese Plate: Est. 2002

I am asked often by customers “How long have you been here?”  It may seem like a question with a straight forward answer but the truth is there is so much history to The Cheese Plate that came way before my husband and I purchased the business in March of 2012!


The Cheese Plate founder, Jenn in 2002 behind the chocolate counter!

The Cheese Plate was the vision of local entrepreneur Jennifer Ippolito and in 2002 she opened the door to the world of cheese to the community of New Paltz.  In a 2003 interview with The Poughkeepsie Journal, Jenn was quoted saying ”I was obsessed with cheese as a kid,” and she remembers her fascination with cheese started when she sampled chunks of Gouda and Swiss at Adams Fairacre Farms’ deli counter in Poughkeepsie.
Jenn moved on to other exciting endeavors and left The Cheese Plate in the capable hands of Kathryn “Kat” Alexander.  For 8 years Kat continued to introduce and educate us about all things cheese and more!

Cheese monger Kat in 2008

Cheese monger Kat in 2008

In 2012 Kat’s own exciting endeavors made it possible for Jeff and me to take a leap of faith and try our hand at the world of cheese!

Like Jenn I was obsessed with cheese as a kid too, but it was Velveeta and Kraft singles! I never knew that the kind of cheese we sell at The Cheese Plate even existed!

Jeff and I

March 2012 Jeff and Me…..Cheese mongers!

So, when I am asked “How long have you been here”?  I answer “The Cheese Plate has been here since 2002!” Because it’s not about how long I have been here, it’s about how long WE have been here.

So stop in and check us out at Water Street Market  in New Paltz, NY. We have cheese and so much more!

Theresa, Cheese monger

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